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It’s Saturday, I’m hungry, there are amazing smells emanating from the kitchen – so let’s keep the Digital Marketing Tip Of The Day quick-fire and snappy on this chilly January evening.

Many of you may be using AdWords as a marketing tool. Did you know that creating dynamic, attractive, carefully-worded and snappy ads is a huge part of ensuring you get healthy click-through rates? Ok, enough with the adjectives – here’s a quick way of making sure your ads stand out from the competition.

Tip – ensure that you capitalise the first letter of each word in your ad text. Compare the two ads below.

Delightful hand-made Cakes

Freshly baked cakes

delivered to your Party


Delightful Hand-Made Cakes

Freshly Baked Cakes

Delivered To Your Party

A small tweak Рbut I know which one looks more concise, snappy and professional to me.  And when you are competing on AdWords, even the smallest things can make all the difference Рespecially when you ads may be appearing to hundreds or thousands of people every day!

What do you think?

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