Marketing Tip of the Day – Look to Existing Marketing Channels

Look at the most obvious – but perhaps hidden – marketing channels that are already open to your right now.

It is easy to get caught up in focusing on tactics and channels that you have yet to explore. You might hear of a new social network on Monday and wonder if it is worth exploring for your business, and by Thursday you have forgotten about it and are planning to try a new ad campaign on Facebook. However, this may mean you are missing an opportunity to leverage existing relationships and channels to get your message across.

For example:

-In terms of SEO, could you get a relevant supplier or partner to link to your website or your latest useful and informative blog post?

-When it comes to social media marketing, could another supplier mention you in a post or even one of their promoted posts? Perhaps they owe you a favour or would just be glad to help – or perhaps you could swap mentions.

-Is it possible to place a banner or marketing message on a high-traffic page on your website?

-Could you add a special offer or a ‘refer a friend’ promo on the ‘payment confirmed’ page of your website’s shopping cart?

The ideas are endless and the objective is to look to what you can do now, at minimal or no cost, in a way that leverages your existing relationships or assets.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel you are taking advantage of existing channels or opportunities in terms of marketing your business?



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